Tuesday, August 11, 2009

photos - back in Haiti

When I came back to Haiti I brought a hunting cap for Shilo. He does a good job at hunting down rats and mice. While I was in Canada the children told me that he killed 12 rats in the house while they were cleaning! Manu is proud of him!

The children like to go shopping. When it comes to snacks the children feed like piranha fish! Food sure doesn't last long with them.

We picked up a food donation from Feed My Starving Children as part of being a member of ODEO through Love a Child. We give the Lord thanks for this help! You can see that Benson is struggling a little to hold onto the box. I was trying to figure out how my new camera works and told the children to hold their pose for a minute. I guess I took too much time. I love his expression!

We needed to redo our chalkboards. I bought some new sheets of "alboard" and the boys put on a couple of coats of chalkboard paint.

When Pastor Pierre came on Saturday he installed the new chalkboard. They are now ready for the students!

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