Tuesday, August 25, 2009

photos - bonnette - part 3, spina bifida

Deedee now has 3 children from this village that she is helping; Mich, Eddy, and now Rachel. Pray for her efforts. You can see how happy and interested the people of the village are to see how well Eddy is doing. Eddy's mother brought a sac of charcoal as a gift to show her appreciation.

When we left Kimosabee got stuck in the mud because he couldn't get any traction and these people had to help to push us out.

Eddy is the boy sitting to the left. He couldn't stand or walk when Deedee first got him. What a change!

This baby boy has spina bifida and also hydrocephalus. The mother knew she was carrying a spina bifida baby in her womb when she had a sonogram done while she was pregnant. People around her told her to get an abortion. She told them no, that this was the child that God had given her. Pray for her efforts and for strength.

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