Sunday, August 16, 2009

photos - school

Tyra Leigh Ladouceur is a young girl who has a cleft palate. She still has not had this repaired. There is a Smile Train team coming to the Baptist Mission Hospital in September to do cleft lip and palate surgeries. I am going to encourage her mother to take her there. She has a speech impediment because of this. She is one of the students who have been coming during the summer months for tutoring.

Youby Ladouceur is her older brother. Their mother is a determined lady and has done a good job of raising both of her children. Youby went to St. Vincents' school for the handicapped last year and has been also attending tutoring sessions here with his sister.

Judite Pelican is one of the students in our handicapped class. She continues coming to the house for the summer months for tutoring as well. She has battled bouts of malnutrition over the years.

Kencia Lemaitre is deaf. Her father came with her looking for assistance for schooling.

Jessica Morlan is one of the students who hopes to attend our school program in the fall.

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