Tuesday, August 11, 2009

photos - clinic

We were blessed to be able to hold another medical at Coram Deo on Thursday. Around 175 patients were seen, both children and adults.

Jn. Eddy and Macdonald assisted at the registration table translating for the team members taking down patient information.

Drs. Dennis and Karen McCarthy come to Haiti on a regular basis to hold medical clinics. We are always grateful when they have time to hold a medical clinic here at Coram Deo.

The medical team provided medications as well. There is a lot of untreated high blood pressure here in Haiti. One man who came to the clinic asked me if he could see the doctor before his turn. He had poured some water over his head as he was feeling dizzy. When his blood pressure was checked it was 192/168.

Caleb kept the children occupied. They enjoyed the attention and the activities that he organized!

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