Tuesday, August 25, 2009

photos - bonnette - part 2

This is the first visit back to his family's home in Bonnette for Michelore Noel. Everyone was happy to see him and that he could now stand and walk.

His mother is the lady in the green shirt and the boy in the yellow shirt is his brother, Lukenson. Ricketts can cause bones to not be straight. His brother needs help too to fix his legs. The taller boy standing behind Michelore is his older brother Roselore. Roselore is in good health. Mich also has an older sister who is handicapped as well with severe ricketts. Please keep this family in prayer.

This village seems to have a lot of handicapped children. This boy has ricketts as well. He is only 4 years old. His knees are sore because of how he stands and walks. Pray help can be found for him as well.

Kenny's mother came later. Here the people are watching as she came up the road.
Kenny is now healthy and strong and walks well. His mother is standing in front of him holding the red shirt.

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