Monday, August 31, 2009

photos - electrical - part 1

On Tuesday morning we had a surge of 220 coming down the line. Other people in the neighborhood had things damaged as well. We had to get the electrician to disconnect the wire from the box as it was a constant 220 power coming in. The guys took our broken electrical products apart to see how they work.

One of the problems was a branch pushing up on the line. The tree was electrified too at times and there was no way to trim the tree on our own. Friday afternoon an EDH crane truck came.

The guy in the basket started to chop at the branches with his machete.

EDH has some good equipment but not enough available to handle a large city like Port-au-Prince.

The top part of the tree is ready to fall. The core was rotten and a trimming of the tree was turned into a chopping down of the tree. The front is nice and sunny now! The walls sort of look like a prison now with all the barbed wire and no trees.!

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