Tuesday, August 11, 2009

photos - Canada

Canada is a lot different than Haiti. This is a view of my father's fishpond and garden. My parents put a lot of work into it. We went for a walk through the forest and I found a turtle on the middle of the path. I felt sorry because it was not near water, so I brought it back and put it in the fish pond. That was my contribution to improving the fish pond! If you look closely you can see it. For some reason this turtle didn't like its new home and went away. I tried to have a garden here in Haiti but never have time. I built a flower bed but it is now 2 years and still no flowers planted!
We went for a drive to visit my aunt in Kingsville. These windmills would be good for Haiti!

My parents have done a lot of work over the years making Coram Deo possible.

My sister came over to visit one day with John. He was on his way home from a summer camp for disabled children. Organizations like the Easter Seals donated funds to my sister for a wheelchair van. There is a ramp that can be used to wheel John into place. It's great that he gets this support!

Brian and Erin came over to visit one day with Max. Max was once a part of our Coram Deo family. He is doing well with his adoptive family. He is a happy boy and it was great to see how well he is doing! It was nice to see everyone again in Canada.

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