Monday, August 17, 2009

photos - medical

Kervens Guerrier had an operation on the USNS Comfort hospital ship in April 2009. Now he is standing on both feet. He had an appointment at Healing Hands for a splint. We give the Lord thanks that he can stand normally now.

Paulna's mother is trying to get Zachary, her youngest child into a mission school that is near the village where they live. They are a happy family.

Sterline Bonhomme received an operation for her hydrocephalus during the last visit of the University of Miami neurosurgery team. She suffered malnutrition and Dorothy took her in to build her back up and also to take her regularly to Healing Hands for casting every couple of weeks. Now she is back with her mother and doing well. Her feet are almost straight!

Anayka Appollon is a 1 year old girl who has hydrocephalus. Hopefully she will be able to get an operation during the next round of surgeries in November 2009. Keep her in prayer that she stays healthy until that time. She is an active child and her mother cares for her well.

This lady suffered a stroke a couple of years ago. She has given birth to a baby and can't look after her. She has had 7 children and 4 have already died. Deedee is willing to help out this family by taking the baby into her home.

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