Thursday, January 5, 2012


(Haiti Libre) -

Ribel Pierre affected by a measure prohibiting his departure last Saturday criticizes an illegal decision since the prohibition of departure was canceled by the court on August 22, 2011. The former adviser claimed that he did not flee justice, but that he was going to visit his family, and that he was available to answer questions of justice.

However, he estimates that this is a political persecution, without being able to explain why these measures are against him, noting that the police constantly monitor his home. "Without a court order or an investigation by a judge [...] they have sequestered me in my house. The policemen posted at the entrance of my home prevent whatever car that wants to go through the main gate [...] Not only vehicles can not leave my home, but also those who visit me are subject to numerous questions in relation to their identity. In most cases, they are forced to leave one piece of identification to access the house." Ribel Pierre said that he has nothing to reproach himself to in relation to the organization of the last elections and indicates that he will not bullied.

Moreover, since his ban to leave the country, Gaillot Dorsinvil is once again nowhere to be found...

According to Amos Durosier, the Director General of the Control Unit against Corruption (ULCC); concerning the charges against Gaillot Diorsinvil and Ribel Pierre, the ULCC has so far received no formal denunciation and is not able to investigate the case. "If there are bribes which were distributed to members of the CEP, than the witnesses will need to come and denounce them, to allow the ULCC to conduct investigations."

Mr. FĂ©vry, the lawyer of Ribel Pierre and Gaillot Dorsinvil stated that "The police have become complicit in the wrongful action of Mr. Brunache by standing guard in front of the house of a citizen as a form of surveillance. Only a judge can make that decision." He indicated that he will go to court and ask for explanations. "If my clients continue to be subject to political persecution, they will have no other choice than asking for political asylum to seek refuge in another country."

The lawyer asks the Minister of Justice and Public Security, Pierre Michel Brunache, to rectify the situation in this case; a behavior that he describes as a "wandering politico-judicial", and wonders "if the Minister can prove that he had transferred the goods of the state that were in his possession when he was chief of staff of the Temporary President Boniface Alexandre between 2004 and 2006, and if he had declared his assets and that of his wife before his induction into the Department of Justice [...]"; suggesting that the Minister of Justice was not untouchable...

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