Tuesday, December 14, 2010

photos - vote results - part 28

This tin wall had posters of Jude Celestin plastered to them. In anger people would kick or punch at the tin in anger. Many sections of tin were broken and damaged.

We neared our street, Delmas 31 and someone was putting out a fresh tire to be burned! These are the end of the series of photos from Wednesday's day of protests.

It was surprisingly raining Thursday morning and this rain seemed to calm things down over the prior day. We brought out the rain gear and headed out on foot to main Delmas. Delmas still had tire fires and there was rubble still on the streets. More motorcycle traffic was on the roads and some vehicles were attempting to use the streets as well. This white car tried to turn at the intersection but the people wouldn't let the driver pass.

Old freezers which are used as cold chests to sell drinks from were dumped in the street as barricades.

This tough motorcycle driver rode right over this burning barricade! The man carrying the 3 buckets had no intention of putting out any of the tire fires. He was in search of water for his family.

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