Saturday, December 11, 2010

photos - vote results - part 23

The banners hanging above the street were for all the different candidates participating in the elections. How will the next president be decided? People have voted but the process was fraudulent. What will happen next? That is what everyone is waiting for.

The candidates have told their supporters to mobilize. Some people identifying themselves as being with Jude Celestin have said that if Jude Celestin doesn't become president they will set fire to the tent camps. Here is one burnt shelter. I don't know why or when it burned but is this the fate awaiting the people living on the Champ de Mars?

Pray for protection for those living in open areas in tent homes.

Pray for a resolution to the electoral problems.

We passed a vehicle that had been damaged earlier. Posters had been plastered on the windows and these posters were now ripped off. I wonder who they belonged to?

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