Wednesday, December 15, 2010

photos - vote results - part 31

After seeing that there were still barricades set up we headed back home. Protesters were active with their message of burning tires and barricades against the fraudulent voting process for the second day in a row.

Friday was a different day. Roads were open and traffic started to use the streets again. The marks of the prior two days were obvious. There was black soot on the roads from all the tires that had burned. Clean up of obstacles and debris was started by the city works department.

People went downtown to buy vegetables and food from the downtown outdoor street markets. A common way of carrying loads here in Haiti is on the top of your head. The Haitian people have a great sense of balance and strong necks too!

Police were out in force. We saw a group of policemen arrest a couple of guys who wanted to start tire fires on Delmas.

The police watched this section of Delmas road for awhile to make sure that others would not get the idea of trying to start tire fires in that location.

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