Thursday, December 16, 2010

photos - election protests - part 7

The organizers on top of the sound truck looked down. The speakers system was loud enough that anyone inside the CEP could hear the people. This is the platform that was used by the presidential candidates involved in the protest.

The first candidate to speak has a photo of an ex-president of Haiti on his promotional card. You can see the man holding the card high showing his support of this candidate.

The man in the straw hat speaking in the microphone is Jean Henry Ceant. He founded a Haiti charity called Aimer Haiti and was active after the earthquake providing earthquake relief. He spoke well and the crowd listened to what he had to say.

The guardtower in the distance is the security tower for the CEP building. The red sign reads "Aba Kou deta Elektoral" (Down with the electoral 'coup d'etat'(overthrow). The man holding this sign believes that the vote of the people was ignored by the CEP.

The journalist on the cab of the sound truck is filming the man in the orange hat. This presidential candidate is Jacques Edouard Alexis. He is a former prime minister of Haiti and was running for president this year. It was interesting listening to what each candidate had to say.

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