Wednesday, December 15, 2010

photos - vote results - part 32

The convoy of policemen drove on further down Delmas.

Dumpsters were still overturned and garbage hadn't been removed from the areas but at least people could get around on Friday.

Public transportation was in service again on Friday and the tap-taps were running throughout the city. There are biblical verses printed on a lot of the tap-taps. The one in front of the white Isuzu has "Psalm 133" written on it. I looked it up and it says "How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity". That is a good message for Haiti. Pray that unity can be achieved out of this electoral mess. With disunity the country will not be able to recover and rebuild.

The objective of the people's wrath, the CEP (electoral bureau) was clear and free of protesters. Pedestrians freely strolled through the gates set up on Delmas. What a contrast from what we saw on Wednesday with the sound of UN "noisemakers", tear gas and fighting to keep the crowds of people away from the CEP site.

We were driving on Rte. Pan American and followed behind this convoy of UN vehicles from Brazil.

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