Thursday, December 16, 2010

photos - election protests - part 6

Some people danced to the rhythms being played. Notice the guy behind this woman is holding different size "trumpets".

People were awaiting the arrival of the float carrying the presidential candidates who denounced the faulty elections.

People patiently waited for the "festivities" to begin!

They cheered the arrival of the "presidential float". On this float were large speakers. The person speaking on the microphone could easily be heard by the crowd. People waved their red cards in the air.

This person held a sign translated into english as "Preval is a curse. Preval equals Verrettes, Gonaives (referring to the damaging floods that hit those regions). Preval equals January 12th (earthquake), cholera. What this person was showing was his dissatisfaction with how President Rene Preval handled all the disasters that have affected Haiti. The people were seeking leadership and they believe the president didn't deliver.

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