Thursday, July 4, 2013

Yonel - Gatekeeper - Stroke


Our gatekeeper Yonel suffered a stroke when I was in Canada. The stroke left him partially paralyzed on the left side of his body. It was sad to see how much he aged it seems due to the stroke. The British Red Cross rebuilt his home that they had broken a year ago to make room for a larger canal. While they were doing the work he had his bed stored outside. Someone stole it. This afternoon the guys bought a steel bedframe on the street as well as a large mattress to replace the bed that was stolen.

Paulna and Amos carried the steel bed frame along the newly constructed canal through Yonel's neighborhood - Cite 4.

Eryl and Yvens carried in the mattress on their heads.

The workers removed the balcony making more more for Yonels' family. Here the guys are getting ready to move the frame and mattress into his house.

Yonel is a determined guy. He was able to walk down the small steps of his home. A friendly neighbour hugged him in this picture.

We have contacts with Bernard Mevs/Project Medishare Hospital. Next week we are going to try and get Yonel accepted into their physiotherapy program.

It took a little manouvering to get the large mattress through the doorway.

Now Yonel has a bed that he can sleep on. It is good to see how our young people here at Coram Deo eagerly volunteer to help out people in need.

Tanya Jr. is Yonel's youngest child. She doesn't like foreigners too much. She hid behind her hands and didn't want to look at me :)

Eryl and Yonel sitting together. Pray for Yonel - that he regains strength on his weak left side and also for his family. We are going to keep Yonel on our payroll until hopefully he gets stronger and can return to work again. You don't need much strength to be a gatekeeper. Yonel currently is handicapped due to the stroke, but as a witness to the community we work with the handicapped and hire the handicapped to show the Haitian people that they can function in Haitian society. A stroke will not stop Yonel providing for his family.

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Phil Langford said...

Our prayers are with you and Coram Deo. We miss you all! Get well soon Yorel!
- Phil & Rosalyn Langford