Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Medical/Dental Team Photos


I just got back from 3 weeks of vacation in Canada. It was nice to spend time with family and friends in Canada. I arrived back in Haiti on July 2nd and today we hosted a dental team from the United States. One of the team members is seen here doing evangelizing before the start of the clinic.

The team members set up in our kitchen and turned it into a dental room :)

Haitian interpretors translated for the team members.

Macdonald organized the registration of patients.

Ken Taylor and his wife recently sold their home and will be moving to Haiti in November to serve the people in Haiti with medical care. They both are medical professionals and will be sharing their talents here in Haiti.They rented a home next to Ed Amos and will be giving Ed a hand at his clinic for a couple days a week.

One of the team members is irrigating a wound of this man who is a welder. He needed stitches after cutting his hand on some steel.

While the medical people were in the living room providing medical care, the team got busy doing teeth cleaning.

In Haiti you have to improvise sometimes. This is our version of a dental chair; the patient sits on the floor and the dental care providor sits on a bench :)

The team made use of our floor to be able to help several people at once :)

Everything went well while I was gone in Haiti. It is good seeing the older guys taking responsibility. Manu and Eryl helped me organize the supplies that the team brought for us.

Dental care is a necessity in Haiti that many people can not get because of their poverty. They forgo visits for teeth cleaning and will suffer with untreated cavities.

The team gave us a box of New Testaments to distribute as part of Send North America.

For the North American Mission Board, 2013 is the Year Of The Bible. They have a Find It Here New Testament distribution project. "The project is a part of GPS: God's Plan For Sharing, the evangelism initiative designed to equip and encourage Southern Baptists in fulfilling the Great Commission in North America by the year 2020. "

We are thankful for these New Testaments and will distribute them as part of the english language program that Milo teaches.

The team also gave us socks and underwear for the boys...

... toothpaste, deodorant....

.... school supplies, kitchen supplies and toys for the children.

Amos and Edmond (he is the driver for Sherri Fausey of Christian Light Mission) show the children how to use the large bubble wands. Looks like they are having fun :)

Dieubon had no trouble catching on :)

Calens had a little more difficulty but he caught on after a few tries.

Other children were waiting in the doorway waiting for their turn. Once the children got the hang of it they headed outside.

One of the visitors tried to teach the boys how to play American football.

The children are used to using their feet and didn't quite follow the rules. They preferred kicking the football to each other rather than throwing it :)

Notice the football is flat. That didn't stop everyone from having fun playing "Flat Football" :)

Rosquini is talking to someone at the gate. He is Jn. Eddy's younger brother. Our gatekeeper Yonel is recovering at home from a stroke that he suffered a couple of weeks ago. We missed having him here today. Please keep him in prayer.

Later in the afternoon the team headed over to the Missionaries of Charity to assist the sick children who are provided with medical care there.

Thanks for all your help :)

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