Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer Repairs - Part 2


Paulna's brother Zachary spent some time with his big sister here at Coram Deo.

Zachary is 7-years-old. He has a nice smile and is going to be tall like his big sister!

Pastor Pierre and one of his teachers from the mountains helping to install the pvc eavestrough.

Pastor Pierre loves using the power tools :)

Teamwork at putting the piping in place!

Even a project supervisor watching the process :)

Once the eavestrough was in place it was time to bash a hole in the wall for the pipe to enter the water water cistern.

It took some delicate work with a sledgehammer to pierce a hole in the wall.

Jake was getting desperate for a good cup of coffee. Our coffee maker decided to malfunction and he tried to get it going again but with no success. We made a trip to Valerio Canez to buy another :)

The cross/downspout hooked up to the eavestrough.

After some tough sledghammering and a workers comp injury for Jake the hole to the cistern was punched through the wall and the piping connected into place.

I can't wait until our next big rainstorm to see how much extra water the reservoir will now get. The 4th tropical storm of the year Tropical Storm Dorian has formed. It is still far from Haiti but next week might be a test for our eavestroughs.

Toro is a growing dog. When I walk around outside he usually follows close beside me. He is a good dog :)

Janise took on the challenge of organizing some of our school text books that students had handed back when I was in Canada.

Dieubon helped Janise in deciding which pile to put the books into :)

Jake, Adrian, and the guys took on the challenge of organizing 2 of our storage depots.

Depot #1 is now organized :)

The guys did some renovations to the tool depot.

Shelves would be constructed to make finding/organizing tools easier.

The guys gave Jake and Adrian a hand.

We bought some wood boards to construct shelves.

Next step was to organize the tools into their place.

Yvens provided a helping hand.

It sure is good to see everything in its place!

Our house is a busy place. Here are some of the children eating lunch.

Bertrand Luc just got back a few weeks ago after spending 10 years in the United States for medical care to treat his osteogenesis imperfecta.

I couldn't take everything that I wanted when I came back from holidays to Canada. Instead I ordered several things on and had it shipped to our mail service provider here in Haiti. One of our necessities here is a basketball. Calens loves to dribble and shoot hoops.

We needed a backboard and had a new backboard sent over I love :)

The guys dug a big hole to place the pole into. The only problem was that we haven't received a bracket yet to mount the backboard to the pole. Hopefully it will arrive soon.

Jake and Adrian had fun at rewiring this saw to get it working again.

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