Saturday, July 6, 2013

Manu's Violin Concerto :)


Yesterday evening we attended a special music concert at Quisqueya Chapel. Manu would be playing the violin!

A music mission team from Conneticut spent one week at Quisqueya Chapel holding a music camp for children from the church, mission schools, and orphanages located within the church neighborhood. Ronald Pierre is a talented Haitian musician who leads the music program at Quisqueya chapel. Mrs. Topple (not sure of the spelling), to the right of Ronald was leader of the music team from Conneticut.

These young people from Conneticut sure could sing!

They sang most of their songs in creole.

Mrs. Topple and 4 of her children are pictured here playing a song. The Haitian man playing the saxophone is a World Vision worker. The Topple family is very talented!

Her son who played the guitar plays very well. Manu really wants to play the guitar and is eager to get guitar lessons. I have a guitar that was donated back in Canada but have to find a way to get it here to Haiti.

Here is Manu playing the violin :) After one week of lessons these children put on a concert!

The children's choir sounded great!

The orchestra played well too :)

In one week the children had memorized the songs which were sung in creole and english too.

From young children to teenagers the children sang together well.

You could tell from the picture some of the children were really into the singing :)

The music team did a great job at working with the children!

Mrs. Topple wrote some of the songs that were sang at the concert. The theme song was entitled "Kembe Fem, Pa Lage"; which translates as Stand Strong, Don't Give Up. A great theme song for the Haitian people. I bought a barbecue dinner for Manu as a thank you for playing his violin concerto :)

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