Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Repairs


Summer vacation is a good time to do repairs. One of the areas that needed some repairs is this support pillar under the kitchen shelter.

The neighbors who live behind us did some work on their wall and we needed to patch what they did :)

At first I thought they were building a tunnel to get access to our property :) The property behind us is now the Delmas 31 outside market.

We also needed to prepare the wall for the future girls toilet room.

A large crack showed up in our kitchen/clinic room wall.

It was a sizeable crack that needed repair.

The cement boss and Pastor Pierre got to work on the girls bathroom wall.

Pastor Pierre cut some blocks to size.

The combination rock/cement block wall is almost formed.

I like to make changes :)

The neighbours hole/tunnel to our yard is now sealed :)

The support pillar under the kitchen shelter is square.

The parging of the bathroom wall has started.

The wall looks a lot better :)

This week we will be doing painting on the back wall/kitchen wall.

Pastor Pierre enjoys doing cement repairs.

The bathroom wall is done. Hopefully in January we will build the girls washroom and remodel the existing washroom.

Amos does a great job with helping out with the driving.

It was nice to see dump trucks every day on our street hauling away debris.

Our neighbors destroyed home from the earthquake was finally knocked down to rubble and a back hoe/loader scooped up several truck loads of rubble.

With all the road construction going on in the city it is good to see this broken building disappear from our street corner.

Pastor Pierre is having fun with a new tool cutting 2x4's down to size to install an eavestrough on the school shelter at the back of the property.

Wash day!

Jake, Adrian and Janise Tamminga came to Haiti to help out for a week. With problems in American Airlines connections what was originally a Friday arrival in Haiti ended up in a Sunday afternoon arrival by way of Santo Domingo.

Ysmaille designed some brackets to hold our 6"pvc eavestroughs.

Pastor Pierre and a teacher from his school got to work on helping to install the brackets.

With this eavestrough we can collect the rain water that falls on the back school shelter.

Jake made sure the eavestrough sloped the right way.

It didn't take very long before everything was in place.

Ready to collect rainfall from the next tropical storm :) (Tropical Storm Dorian just formed in the Atlantic. Hopefully it won't be a problem for Haiti.

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