Friday, July 26, 2013

Summer Repairs - Part 3, Teacher Seminars


With all the tools in their place the next thing to do was to build a protective gate around them.

Ysmaille and his workers designed a couple of rolling doors.

Ysmaille has a good heart for helping the Haitian people.

One of his workers doing some grinding work.

Ysmaille and one of the steel workers posing for a picture :)

Roseanne always passes by to visit hoping to sell souvenirs to our visitors.

Janise tried on a pair of Haitian made sandals.

Jake wanted a pair too but his feet were too big :)

The rolling doors are built and ready to be installed.

The welders are getting ready to install the doors.

The secure door is in place!

The tool depot is newly renovated :) Thanks Jake for making this project possible.

There are lots of good fruit available here in Haiti. The guys are peeling some grapefruit and apricots.

Janise Tamminga is a teacher and she prepared 3 days of teaching seminars for our teachers here at Coram Deo and also for teachers at different schools in the area.

Erol helped with the translating during these seminars.

40 teachers participated in these seminars.

They come from different education backgrounds. In Haiti only 14% of teachers have any formal teacher training.

Teachers from the schools that Pastor Pierre, Pastor Marcelin, and Pastor Octave have participated.

Everyone appreciated the seminars that were prepared.

Different learning techniques were shown to the teachers.

The teachers had fun learning new teaching tools.

In Haiti much of the educational system is based on memorization of words in a text book.

Visual learning aids can help students to understand a lesson.

Differnt materials can be used.

Erol speaks english well.

Some of the teachers came from the Leogane area and also from a handicapped school in Tabarre. We made a good contact with them through these seminars and will be visiting their program.

Home-made glasses :)

Pastor Octave is talking with teachers from his school.

Jake with a new hairdo :) He was modeling Gelia's wig :) Off to the side of the picture is Neal Hegeman. He spent a couple of evenings here at Coram Deo. MINTS is developing programs in Jeremie, Haiti, working together with Pastor Germain, a Presbyterian pastor in Jeremie.

Teachers organized into different groups in a question/answer competition.

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