Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Kenscoff Mountain Walk - Part 2


I love the Kenscoff area. There are mountains behind mountains!

This is Amos striking a sailing in the wind pose on the back of Kimosabee :)

The farms in this area have lots of topsoil.

You can tell the path the rainwater takes when it rains.

The clouds were hanging low that day. For part of our drive to Godet we drove through a cloud.

You can't see far with the clouds but the view is still great!

Downtown Godet.

Evidence of erosion a the side of the road.

Unloading our supplies by the Godet market.

The Godet outside market building.

The guys are getting ready for the hike!

The road was a good quality road almost all the way to Pastor Pierre's nearest church. Heavy rains in June destroyed the road. This is the good part of the road leading down from the Godet outside market.

Here you can see the mountains beyond mountains view!

2 teddy bear guards are the security for this property on the Godet road.. A voodoo curse on anyone who dares to trespass :) People will take these teddy bear guards seriously!

Looking down the Godet road.

Admiring the view before heading off on the hike!

It is a shame that the road was damaged. Before June trucks were using this road.

A mountain woman carrying a heavy load of onions on her head. People will walk for hours in the mountains with heavy loads like this on their heads. Women are just as strong as the men!

After the visitors headed down the Godet road I turned Kimosabee around and started heading back down the mountain. I felt like someone was staring at me and there was... this big cow!

This is one healthy cow!

Heading down the mountain I gave a ride to some of the walkers who were carrying loads down to the main road.

The rest of the pictures of Kenscoff I have are from Adrian's camera.

A view of the Kenscoff area.

Their walk to Pastor Pierre's church begins!

A small house is being built on the mountain side (maybe it will be a boutique to sell supplies to people walking on the Godet road.

A barbed wire/branch fence.

Houses lower down the mountain slopes.

Terrace farming on the mountain slopes. Some of these slopes are 70 degree angles. A challenge for a farmer!

The long and winding mountain road!

Taking a rest to take in the view. People from Pastor Pierre's congregation hauled the supplies for the trip carrying them on their head. They were excited that foreigners were paying a visit to their mountain area :)

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