Tuesday, July 30, 2013

State Exam Results - Elementary School Graduates - 5eme/6eme AF


The results for the government exams for 6eme AF (last year of elementary school) have been released. The national pass rate is 77%, which is a good average. Out of 105,141 candidates who wrote the exams in the West department (of which Port-au-Prince is part of) 81,089 candidates passed. For the 2nd consecutive year our students completed 2 years in one (5eme and 6eme AF) and for the 2nd year we had a 100% pass rate. All 12 of our students passed the state exams. We registered our students along with the Ecole Evangeliste and in total 32 out of the 33 students passed. Sherri Fausey is an American missionary who has a school in the Delmas 31 neighborhood as well had a 100% pass rate for the 26 students that her school sent to the state exams. It looks good for our Delmas 31 neighborhood. We have good schools and good teachers at these schools. Pray for the students as they prepare for secondary school :) Attached are some photos of 2 of our teacher leaders at our school Jn. Eddy Alexandre, and Josue Marcelin. Josue Marcelin is the teacher of the Grade5/6 class. On the last day of classes in June we had a parent/teacher meeting and the graduating class was presented with haitian creole bibles ( a gift from bibles that were donated to us from Providence United Reformed Church in Strathroy. After completing their education here at Coram Deo we hope to place them in a christian secondary school in our neighborhood Ecole Evangeliste. Pray that we can find sponsors for this year graduating class.

Jn. Eddy Alexandre and Josue Marcelin are the leaders of our school program here at Coram Deo. Jn. Eddy is responsible for the 3eme/4eme AF and Josue Marcelin (Amos' older brother) is responsible for the 5eme/6eme AF program.

Our elementary school graduates for 2013. All 11 students wrote and passed their state exams. Not only did they their state exams but they completed 2 years of education in one year, completing both 5eme and 6eme AF :)

For the 2nd year in a row we had a school pass rate of 100% in the state exams.

The students worked hard this year, studying extra time. The teachers came in on Saturday mornings to work a couple of hours with our state exam class. The teachers gave the students a kiss at the parent/teacher meeting when the students were presented with their report cards. The 5emeAF had to wait until today to await the results from the government of their passing to secondary school.

The teachers are proud to have students willing to work extra hard to complete 2 years of education in 1 year.

The graduates :)

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