Thursday, November 26, 2009

photos - hydrocephalus surgeries - part 2

Jony St. Louis from Healing Hands for Haiti is standing on the right. Healing Hands also has a physiotherapy program that the parents can take their children too after the surgeries. They also organize a few days of seminars each time there is a surgical process to explain to the parents what is hydrocephalus and how best to look after their children.

The same nurses from Hopital La Paix are assigned to provide nursing care each time there are surgeries. They are comfortable with the hydrocephalus children and provided excellent care.

These are a couple of families that we work with. The people of Coram Deo enjoyed bringing food to the hospital and helping out the families.

This shunt is malfunctioning. The shunt was removed and another placed on the other side of this girls' head. Pray this one works well.

This boy was waiting to be assigned a bed.

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