Tuesday, November 17, 2009

photos - various - part 1

Shania Reme and her mother visited us the other week. She is now 7-years-old. She had a shunt put in to treat her hydrocephalus in June 2002. She is doing well!

She now attends school! She lives in the Delmas 31 area.

This week we went to Food for the Poor and received some assistance. There are thieves outside of their gates waiting to snatch things off the back. The guys sat like this on top of the supplies when we left the gates. I told them to hang on!

We received 2 large sacks of beans, 3 large cases of adult running shoes, 4 cases of anti-bacterial hand soap, 1 case of bar soap...

... and 1 pallette of black tuxedo pants! A forklift loaded the pallette of pants into the truck and we had to unload by hand to get it from Kimosabee to the inside of the house. The children had fun. We give the Lord thanks for this blessing of assistance!

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