Saturday, November 7, 2009

photos - various

This is what the middle of the Champ Mars public park looks like. Port-au-Prince needs more large public space areas like this one.

This publicity vehicle is circling the park playing christian music. The man in the white suit is a "street preacher".

Benson is very superstitious. He comes from a voudoo influenced family. He is scared of the "Day of the Dead" holiday. He was told by his uncle when he was younger that the dead walk around on this day. He didn't want them to see him! Manu is just playing. Pray that the christian influence in his life will take away all his superstitions as he grows in the faith.

A truck jacknifing on Delmas 31 happens every so often. This happened while my parents were here.

My dad is practicing carry a pan on his head. He looks comfortable!

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