Thursday, November 26, 2009

photos - hydrocephalus surgeries - part 6

We sent Andilene Chery to the United States in 2004 for surgery to remove a brain tumor. She is now 9 years old and walks, talks and goes to school! We give the Lord thanks for his healing mercies!

Her father is proud of her.

Sterline Bonhomme recently had a surgery to release the tendon for correction of her clubbed feet. Dr. Nau of Healing Hands has been treating her for her clubbed feet. She was not selected for surgery as her head is not growing that fast and priority given to other cases. Maybe she will be able to get surgery the next time around.

Carmilo was not selected for surgery. His head is 85cm and we are going to try and find medical care for him in the United States. Pray for the mission that is looking after him.

This lady came from the Tomassique which is in the Hinche region in search of help. Her baby was evaluated but will be part of the next surgical process.

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