Sunday, November 8, 2009

photos - Kings' Hospital - part 2

Tico Fortune is one of the mountain people from Kenscoff. He came down to get a cyst removed on the right side of his face.

Here Tico is after the cyst was removed.

Silvin Macfajder is a young boy from Cite Soleil who came to the clinic here at Coram Deo on Thursday. He had a large abscess on his side. Dr. Karen referred him to King's Hospital and he was admitted and operated on. We give the Lord thanks for this quick answer!

The day after surgery we brought Louiton Charles back to his home in the Village Solidarite region of Airport Rd. The boy standing next to him is his son.

A couple of the mountain people live far in the mountains and will have to heal up some before they make the trek back to their homes. They will be bunking down in Marie's hut. This is our recovery unit!

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