Saturday, November 7, 2009

photos - children

"Magui" is a 1-month-old baby boy who was born with a cleft lip and without an anus. He had emergency surgery to do a colostomy. His mother abandoned him the same day he was born at the emergency department in General Hospital. He has been in the pediatric surgery area of the hospital where nurses and parents of other patients are looking after him. He is small and is not thriving.

Chris Nungester is trying to get him released from the hospital to her care at His Home for Children. He only weighs about 3-4 pounds.

"Marvens" is a 2-month-old baby boy whose mother also abandoned him in the emergency room at General Hospital. He has been on the pediatric surgery floor for 2 months. He has a colostomy as well. Pray we can find an orphanage that will help him. Nurses and parents of other patients are helping to look after him as well.

This child was hospitalized in the pediatrics department of the hospital with meningitis. He is starting to develop hydrocephalus which is often a complication of meningitis. He has family who is at his side in the hospital lovingly looking after him.

Jonel's mother has a difficult task looking after Jonel and her other children. We are helping her with food assistance from the Feed My Starving Children rice meals that we receive through Love a Child. His pressure sores are not getting any worse and are starting to heal. Pray that they heal completely so that he will one day be able to get surgery to treat his hydrocephalus.

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