Tuesday, November 17, 2009

photos - various - part 3

This baby was born at 7 months and only weighs 2 pounds. He was brought to Dorothy at Faith, Hope, Love Infant Rescue. We brought him to General Hospital on Saturday.

Dorothy is feeding him. You can really see how small he is in this picture. His head is very tiny.

Wiskendy is a 1-month-old baby boy. His mother is 20 years old and came to the house on Saturday afternoon to give him away. In Haiti the parents need paperwork to put their child in an orphanage and I told her when she has his birth certificate we will try and find an orphanage who can help him.

The mother lives with her uncles' family and he doesn't want a baby in the house, so she wants to get rid of him.

I am training Manu to be the future director of Coram Deo one day. This t-shirt is fitting. "I have decided to put myself in charge" it reads.

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