Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Jun. 22 - Peter - Visiting Mother In Cap-Haitien

We sent Amos on a special mission on Friday. Peter and Amos took the San Souci bus to Cap Haitien. Peter lived for a couple of years on the streets of Cap Haitien/Dominican Republic/Port-au-Prince before we removed him from the street in the Airport Rd area to get treated for facial burns. For the first time in 5 years Peter has met his mother! His mother is very poor. Peter's mother was working in the Dominican Republic when his father died. He then lived with his aunt. Peter had never been to school and was illiterate when we took him off the street. Now he can read and he passed 1ere AF this year. He is 14-years-old. He never knew when he was born. His mother told Amos that his birthdate is October 20th. He will be spending 2 weeks with his mother before returning back to Coram Deo. It is our goal as a mission to help the child and the family. We don't want to replace the family but want to be a helper to the family. Pray for Peter's mother. She is homeless and lives with a friend.

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