Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Jun. 15 - Karen - Visit To Canada

I have been off facebook and my blog for a few weeks. I went home to Canada to visit my family, attend meetings with Coram Deo committee members and meeting Smokey the RCMP Moose! It was a great rest and I sure enjoyed the difference in climate. I got to enjoy some cooler temperatures and even did a little fishing while we stayed in Campbellford along the Trent River/Canal system. I even caught a small rock bass, my first fish in 19 years! Life is sure different in Canada compared to Haiti! You don't see many people outside walking around on the streets in Canada like they do here in Haiti smile emoticon It is also quieter. There was one evening when I thought I heard a gunshot but it was actually the start of Victoria Day festivities! Amos did a great job keeping everything running smoothly here in Haiti. It is great that I can have confidence in the people here to keep things running well! There were a few difficult days in Haiti while I was gone due to political problems surrounding elections. The mayor of Delmas, Wilson Jeudy wants to run again for mayor and he was having problems getting his discharge papers from the government. Protesters took to the streets. Shots were fired, and a government vehicle was stopped and burned on Delmas 31. Streets around the area were blocked with burning tires and obstacles. I got a scary phone call from Amos the day of the protests with the news that protesters had shot at Ken in his vehicle. The vehicle Ken drives has dark tinted windows and the protesters mistook his vehicle as a government vehicle. By the grace of God Ken escaped with his life intact and his vehicle wasn't burned like the vehicle on our street. It was nice to return to Haiti being met at the airport by the residents here at Coram Deo. Last week was busy playing catch up and with the last week of the school year. The week went well and this week things are a lot quieter. Now I can get back to facebooking, blogging, and sending out updates again. I love being in Haiti trying to help the Haitian people. Thanks everyone for your prayers and support :)

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