Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Coram Deo Parent/Teacher Meeting - Report Cards - Part 1

We had our last parent/teacher meeting of the year. The final report cards were handed out to the parents. Next year we will be eliminating the kindergarten class for at least one year. We are also going to ask the parents to buy the textbooks for the 1ereAF and 2eme AF classes. We had difficulty with funding this year and am hoping that by eliminating one class and have parents buy textbooks that we can continue with our school program. We are not sure how many secondary students we can support of those who have graduated from our program but we are praying to be able to help all of them next year. Please pray for funding over the next few months to prepare for another school year. We rejoice that through a donation that was made our rent has been paid for one year!

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