Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Apr. 27 - LEAP Foundation - Hopital Espoir - Plastic Surgeries

Thursday April 23 were the evaluations for the LEAP team that came to Hopital Espoir. The teams' focus is repairing cleft lip/palettes and other plastic surgeries, urological surgeries, and if there are spaces available for hernia repair surgeries. These surgeries are done for free. We brought 7 children and their parent to the hospital early Thursday in Kimosabee to get there early, hoping for a spot on the surgical list. The team arrived at the hospital Thursday afternoon and by then there was a line of patients at the hospital all hoping for a spot. Pastor Pierre came down with a few people from Kenscoff who had hernias as well. Even though the patients shown here didn't get accepted for this round of surgeries they are on the waiting list for when the next Leap team comes to Haiti sometime in October/November 2015. We give the Lord thanks for all the surgeries that were performed over the weekend. Without these specialty surgical teams the Haitian children would not have their problems corrected here in Haiti.

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