Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Apr. 29 - Karl - Malnourished Baby

Yesterday afternoon a grandmother came to the gate holding onto a young baby whose name was Karl, as we were backing out to pick up a hydrocephalus baby and mother at Bernard Mevs Hospital. She told us that the baby's mother was crazy and that she was looking for an orphanage to take in the baby. We told her to sit on the porch and wait for us there until we got back from the hospital. When we got back to the house I took some photos and then started to call a couple of people that I knew who had orphanages to see if they had any openings. As I was talking on the phone the baby's condition took a change for the worse. He was starting to pant breathe and then his eyes "clouded". The grandmother told me that the baby was doing fine in the morning but that the mother had hit the baby. This is why she was walking with the baby looking for help. She also said that the baby had been discharged a few days ago after being hospitalized for 1 week at Hopital Nos Petit Freres et Soeurs. We transported the grandmother and the baby over to the hospital and the baby was admitted. Four hours later the grandmother called to say that Karl had died. This morning the grandmother came by with the death notice from the hospital and the cause of death was listed as sepsis. Please keep this family in prayer. This baby went from an alert crying baby to a baby in crisis in a matter of a few minutes. Each day we never know what problems we are going to be involved in that day. I like the challenge of trying to find help for people but it can get frustrating when we can't get the help people need in time.

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