Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Jackenson - Hospital - April 27

Jackenson was discharged from the hospital on Saturday afternoon. Wednesday he received a blood transfusion and it helped to perk him up. You can tell when he is feeling better when he starts joking and making funny comments and faces. He knows how much I like to take pictures and did his best not to pose well for them :) I am glad that we were able to purchase a portable DVD player that came with a larger screen for Jackenson and his hospital roommates to watch DVD's when he is starting to feel better in the hospital. Every time we went to visit Jackenson in the hospital some of his Coram Deo friends came along to cheer him up. Pray with the extra blood he has that he has more resistance to illnesses. We are trying to bulk him up with extra energy shakes that have a lot of calories in them. He enjoys them. Jackenson says hello to everyone and especially Ti-Bouche and thanks everyone for their prayers while he was in hospital.

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