Saturday, February 22, 2014

Medical Team - Vermont/New Hampshire


This week we were happy to host on Monday and Tuesday a medical team from Vermont and New Hampshire. Ed Amos and Ken Taylor organized the teams and they saw a lot of people. They even did some surgeries in the clinic room. It is great to watch so many people get help. The team fundraises the medicines used in the clinic. Pray for all the teams that come to Haiti to help the Haitian people.

Ed and some of the team members did some minor surgeries in the clinic room.

Ed is marking the spot to cut. "X" marks the spot :)

Ed opened this man's neck to remove a cyst. Pretty delicate job, working near the jugular vein and artery. The surgery was a success!

Ester is the Haitian nurse who works in the clinic and also helps out the medical teams when they hold clinics. She is an excellent nurse!

Ken Taylor helped doing consultations with the patients who came to the clinic days.

The team saw over 150 people on Monday and around 100 people on Tuesday.

The mothers enjoy these clinics. It is frustrating for a mother who has no income to seek help for a child who is sick. It is good to see all the help that is given when medical teams come to Haiti.

Untreated blood pressure and diabetes are a common problem amongst the older patients.

We closed school for the 2 days to accomodate the clinic. Vernaldino (Tiben) worked at the registration table. Tiben is the 4th grade teacher for our students here at Coram Deo. One day we will have enough benches to provide for the students and patients who attend the large clinics!

Amos, behind the wheel, using Kimosabe to bring people where they need to go.

The team funds the purchases of medicines used at the clinics. The pharmacy station was our front porch.

The yard was full of patients waiting for the arrival of the medical team each day.

Macdonald and TBen helped to run the registration table where patients were registered before seeing the medical service providor.

Once the patient saw the service provider, a prescription was written on a paper lunch bag and brought over to the pharmacy station to get filled.

A plastic tarp provided shade for the patients waiting to be called to the registration table.

Ken and his wife Andrea recently moved to Haiti in January 2014. We are grateful for their assistance in the medical clinic.

Witny (Danzou) called out the patient numbers to come to the registration table.

A few of the Vermont/New Hampshire team members have made prior visits to Haiti and worked with Ed.

Jn. Eddy worked as a translator for Ken. Ken is working on learning creole.

This father came to the clinic asking for help in placing his child in an orphanage. The mother of the child left him. He is having troubles looking after his young son.

Reading glasses are in high demand! A Haitian Creole Bible was used to see which strength of glasses were the best for the patient.

This woman had the keloid removed from an ear piercing reaction on Tuesday. The doctor detected a heart murmor and we brought her to Ti Frere Ti Soeur Hospital for a heart consultation on Friday morning.

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