Saturday, February 22, 2014

December 14 - Dallas Neurosurgery Team - Project Medishare/Bernard Mevs Hospital


For the first time a neurosurgery team from Texas is at Bernard Mevs/Project Medishare Hospital. The hydrocephalus program is growing! Currently the St. Louis, Missouri and the University of Miami are making 2 trips a year. Each trip means that around 25 children receive hydrocephalus surgeries. The sad thing is that each time doctors are faced with a large list of patients to choose from. The combined Canadian/American flag hangs out front of the door where the hydrocephalus patients are. Maguy Rochelin of Project Medishare, is the project co-ordinator for the hydrocephalus program. She is shown standing in the 2nd photo. The woman holding a baby seated on the lower bunk bed in that photo is a Dominican from the Dominican Republic. This was a first for the program. Good news is spreading! Michela is a 14-month old baby girl who had a shunt placed in the Dominican Republic. She came for an evaluation from the team and was told that the shunt was functioning and that nothing more could be done for her. We brought her to the Caribe bus station early this morning. The other photos show the Haitian nursing staff who are responsible for the nursing care of the patients while they are in hospital. Each time there are surgeries is more experience for the nurses in treating hydrocephalus patients. Yesterday there were 8 surgeries and today another 8 surgeries were done. Pray for the children who will be having surgeries and for the medical staff who will be treating them.

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