Saturday, February 22, 2014

December 12 - Suze Ann Dora Privert - Malnourished Baby

Suze Anne Dora Privert is a baby whose mother brought to see the Lakeland Florida Medical Team who held a couple of clinics here at Coram Deo a month ago. Suze Anne was very sick and needed hospital care. We brought her to the state hospital on Delmas 33, Hopital La Paix and she was admitted. At the beginning of her hospitalization she needed oxygen to help her breathe. After one month of being in the hospital Suze Anne was discharged yesterday. Here are some photos of Suze Anne of her last day in hospital. Her mother is a good mother and stayed with Suze Anne the entire month in hospital. From the attached photos you can how happy her mother is to see her daughter healthy. We give the Lord thanks for his healing mercies :)

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