Saturday, February 22, 2014

December 15 - Bringing Food To Hospital - Neurosurgeries


Twice a day (morning and evening), our food service team goes to Bernard Mevs/Project Medishare Hospital to bring meals for the hydrocephalus babies and their parents. The cereal we give the babies is called Nourisoy and it is vitamin fortified and nutritious for the babies. We buy wholesale at the 4C warehouse. The rice meals are donated by Feed My Starving Children and distributed by Love A Child, located in Fond Parisien. We are grateful for this food assistance. Love A Child helps several missions feed the Haitian people. By doing this Love A Child participates in helping many people. We give the Lord thanks for their assistance. The meal we brought to the hospital in the pictures shown was rice, with a salmon sauce. That is my favorite way to eat rice and it is nutritious too The surgeries occur over a 3 day period and by the time the last patient is discharged from the hospital the food service team serves over a one week time period. We have made food for the hospital many times over the years. The people here at Coram Deo do everything. My part is to supply what they need. We never have a lack in volunteers for our food service team. The people here enjoy helping their people. Pray for the food service team as they go about their work in assisting the parents of hydrocephalus children.

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