Monday, February 24, 2014

Mais Gate Clinic - Pastor Marcelin - Vermont/New Hampshire Team


On Thursday Amos' family hosted the Vermont/New Hampshire medical team at a church in the Mais Gate region, near Delmas 33. Amos father is Pastor Marcelin. Pastor Marcelin is responsible for the Christian Education Program here at our school.

Amos and his younger brother Patrick.

Pastor Marcelin has 12 children. This is Jefftay.

The church building is a work in progress

The church is large with lots of room for the clinic. Better yet there is a covered roof in the section where the clinic was.

Patients waiting for their number to be called.

A view of the Mais Gate area.

The medical team arrives!

A view of the interior of the church.

Some of Pastor Marcelins' church workers.

Unloading the medical supplies from the trucks.

Carrying the supplies into the church.

We had to run out and buy some lunch bags for use as prescription and medicine bags. That day we saw a few accidents coming and going to the clinic. This vehicle jumped over the divider in the road and wrecked his front suspension, as well as knicking a tap-tap.

Even a policeman came to the clinic for medical care. BIM police are the mobile motorcycle riding police officers.

Ken busy at pulling teeth :)

Ed sitting by the drum set.

The consultation area was on the stage at the front of the church.

Patients awaiting their turn sitting on the church pews.

Lots of room for everyone.

Jannelle and Janneke helped out in the pharmacy filling out patient prescriptions.

A view from the back of the church.

A street-side view of the unfinished church building.

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