Saturday, February 22, 2014

December 14 - Ruth - Premature Baby


A family came to us yesterday asking for help in finding an orphanage for a premature baby. The mother developed eclampsia and an emergency c-section was done on November 30, 2013 at Hopital Nos Petits Freres et Soeurs. The baby survived but the mother died the next day. The mother was 40 years old and Ruth was her 6th child. The father turned to his family for help and his sister has been keeping the baby alive so far. The family lives in the Soleil 17 section of Cite Soleil. The baby is small. We tried to get an estimate weight by having the aunt stand on a scale with the baby and then another weight with just the aunt by herself. The difference in weight was not much. Her weight is about 2 pounds. We started making contacts with orphanages. Amos went up the mountain to speak with Dixie of God's Littlest Angels and she is willing to take in Ruth to her care. We give the Lord thanks for this opening We spoke with the family today and they will be bringing Ruth to God's Littlest Angels on Monday morning. Pray for health and strength for Ruth. The photos show how tiny she is.

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