Saturday, February 22, 2014

February 15 - Junel Romelus - Lung Cancer - Baptism

We went to visit Junel at the Sanitorium Hospital this morning with Pastor Octave, Paulna, and Marie. Junel wanted to be baptised. Usually in Haiti they do immersion baptism but I talked to Pastor Octave, who is the pastor at the church that Junel attends, and the baptism was done a different way. Pastor Octave did the baptism by Junels' hospital bed. Attached are some photos of the baptism. When we first got to the hospital there were a couple of people from another church visiting and praying with the patients at the hospital. One of the visitors joined Pastor Octave in praying for Junel. We don't know how much longer that Junel will be alive but the most important thing right now is to show him the love of Christ and the path to eternal life. We are thankful to Pastor Octave's church to make an exception in the baptism protocol in baptising Junel

Junel's mother told me about a dream that she had on Thursday night. In the dream she saw a family member who was a Christian that had died a long time ago standing in a beautiful hall. She was waiting for Junel. This is a tough time for Junel's mother and family. It has been difficult for her watching Junel's struggle to breathe. We are thankful that the hospital hasn't discharged Junel.

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