Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Timothy Leadership Training Seminars

Tropical Storm Sandy was starting to cause some windy and rainy weather starting yesterday and through today but this stormy weather didn't prevent pastors who live in mountain areas to travel to Coram Deo for a ride to the Christian Reformed Minsitry Centre this morning.

Those who lived furthest away in the mountains started out on foot last night at 11:00pm. They walked over mountains in the wind and rain to get down to us. Their determination is inspiring. Kimosabee transported 17 people this morning with no problem :)

The seminars will last 3 days and most of the participants will sleep at the guest house. Cost to participate in the seminar is $100H ($12 US) for each participant and the guesthouse fee is also $100H for 2 nights. A meal is provided at noon and we will be bringing breakfast and supper to the participants sponsored by Coram Deo. One of the pastors arrived early in the afternoon, as a family member was gunned down coming back from a bank yesterday afternoon. Pray for the seminars and also for the family who lost one of their own in a violent manner.

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