Monday, October 29, 2012


This sign that translated reads "Have a little patience. The airport is almost open" is what is in the parking area by the Toussaint Louverture Airport in Port-au-Prince.

Work is progressing at renovating the airport after the earthquake.

Rick Boer and my father came for a week to help out here at Coram Deo.

They came on the early morning flight and got started working right away. Kimosabee needed some repairs. The other week when we were lowering the spare tire to change a flat the back signal light wire got caught up on the chain and broke. It was an easy fix for Rick.

We are always running on empty because the gas level sensor wire has been chewed on by a rat. We fill up twice a week and ignore what shows on the dashboard when we drive. This fix is going to be more difficult and we are going to hold off on this repair. It looks like the fuel tank will need to be lowered to make the repair possible.

When the Angels to Haiti team was here a few weeks ago they brought along a horn system that they purchased from "Pimp My Ride". It plays a lot of different sounds from a duck to a cow and some songs too.

For this serious occasion of installing the horn system my father wore this comical t-shirt.

They got to work wiring the system to the battery.

This horn packs a lot of sound!

It comes with a mic too for emergency situations. My favorite sound on the new horn sound system is the theme from the Lone Ranger. Several years ago some people gave me a compliment and called me a Lone Ranger Missionary. It must be because I call my truck Kimosabee :)

Pastor Pierre worked on revising our drainage system from the showers to the street. We used SCH 40 4" pvc pipe this time for a more sturdier canal. He used a saw to cut the pipe in half along its length.

A couple of hours of cutting later.

He then got to connecting the pipe together.

To the left was the old drainage channel. Most of it had come loose and removed.

He dug the sides in order to form a cement canal....

... and cemented the channel in place.

We needed benches for the patients while they waited to enter the clinic room. Rick and Dad showed good teamwork in cutting this board.

We didn't have to buy any material as we recycled the wood from our bookshelves to make benches.

Here are the guys having a meeting to discuss how best to put the materials together :)

This rooster was intently watching the whole process. I think he was the supervisor :)

The first bench is almost done and will be used as a model for the rest of the benches.

The production line was going full speed! All the material was cut to specification ahead of time.

Here is the model! The benches are smaller and more portable. They will be set up around the front porch for the patients as they wait.

Once the benches were built it was time to stain them.

Rick applied a few coats of the dark oak varnish.

The benches are done and look great! 11 benches were built out of our recycled bookshelves :)

Another project was to build a table for the water station.

We still had a few pieces of wood left to make the table. Dad was supervisor to make sure that Rick didn't miss a spot :)

The water table looks great and is just the right side for the water thermos

Another use of the benches is to sit outside in front of the gate and watch people go by :) More photos tomorrow!

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