Wednesday, October 31, 2012


It was great to spend some time with Rick and Dad, and great to see some things get fixed! The door to my room was getting hard to shut. With another handle/lock and some WD-40 it was good as new again!

Kimosabee is starting to show his age. The engine cover plate needed to be tightened.

Dad and Rick treated us to pizza at Domino's. Dominos is expensive and we can't afford to eat there. Thanks Dad and Rick for the delicious pizza!

We also had a meal at Epi D'or one evening. Epi D'or is Haiti's version of McDonalds. Food there is reasonably priced.

We could use some more room for the school shelter and the shower water always makes the back area wet.

Rick suggested that we think of moving the shower facility to near the dormitory.

I thought it was a great idea and we got right to work planning for the new shower area.

Pastor Pierre dug out the foundation area.

We ordered some sand, gravel and cement and the guys got to work.

With the older guys helping the pouring of the floor went faster.

First step was to lay down the foundations.

The weather was hot with the days leading up to the passinge of Hurricane Sandy. Eryl is taking a break with his shovel :)

The drainage pipe will connect to the other pipe and lead out to the street.

Calwens was interested watching the guys at work.

The youngest helper was Dieubon! Here he is getting ready to wheel away with the wheelbarrow.

William kept a watchful eye on everything and chipped in to help sometimes too.

All the floor pour was almost done the first day.

It is easy to obtain building materials. We live near the cement block factory.

We bought some sacs of Haitian cement.

Rick kept an eye on making sure the first layer of blocks were level.

Here he is checking out some measurements.

The picture looks smaller than the room is.

The new shower will be the same dimensions as the old one.

Dad and Amos are looking at some photos.

Dad was one of Ed's patients that week. Ed removed a cyst near Dad's eye. In Canada he would have had to pay $250 CDN. Here in Haiti it was free in exchange for helping out :)

Pastor Pierre is a hard worker and made quick progress.

The building spirit took hold of a couple of the youngest. Rockchy is trying to hammer a stick into the ground to build a small home :)

Ysmaille and his workers welded a new support for the tin roof in preparation for the removal of the shower wall.

T-Ben dug out a hole to place the support.

Metal supports will never rot or get eaten by termites. T-Ben and Johnny are helping to place the new support section.

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