Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Medical Clinic - Dr. Karen's Team - Part 2


The 2nd clinic held here at Coram Deo was on Saturday October 6th. People came early hoping for a ticket to be able to see Dr. Karen and the other team members.

These young boys hung out by the back of Kimosabee.

One woman came to the clinic with her elderly mother.

We let people into the yard in groups of 50.

The registration table was busy!

Dr. Karen is examining one of the hydrocephalus children who received surgery a few years ago. Sterline Bonhomme is doing well.

Holly is holding one of the young patients.

Macdonald is translating for one of the team members at the registration table.

Erold was helping to translate for Marlene at the registration table.

Tanya pitched in wherever help was needed.

The team came with some cool sunglasses for the children :)

The pharmacy station kept busy throughout the day.

Sandra is talking with one of the medical team members.

Pastor Pierre is smiling as he keeps control of the steady stream of people at the gate.

This woman was hoping to get a pair of reading glasses to help her read.

Teresa is helping her pick out the right magnification size for her.

Milo was the translator who helped Dr. Karen. Johnny was the runner and helped with security.

Rudy helped manage the water station.

The people patiently waited for their turn to be called.

Claudin had a comb stuck in his hair :)

The young girl standing beside her mother was one of the earthquake babies born shortly after the earthquake. She is doing well and now has a baby brother :)

The people in the community look forward to having clinics.

A couple of Amos's nieces came for a consultation.

Benson recently turned 13 year old!

Pastor Pierre enjoys talking with the people and helped with evangelization.

It is always fun meeting new people from the community.

Jn. Eddy is an enthusiastic young man.

This is a cute little girl.

This young mother and her baby are looking intently into the camera.

This elderly man came into the yard with a tray of Papita. Each bag holds banana chips. He was telling me that on Thursday he was robbed of his merchandise by some thugs by the Delmas/Airport Rd. intersection. It is sad that people who work hard to make a living are rubbed by lazy thugs.

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