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(Haiti Libre) - 26-10-2012

In the last situation report dated Thursday, October 25, 2012, 2:00 p.m. the DPC informed that Haiti is no longer under the direct influence of Sandy; however, a wide cloud band is at the back of the system and continues to generate rain on Haiti. Sandy is currently off the Bahamas and begins an ascent on the American east coast. We present you the latest official report/assessment by department of the situation.

West: All municipalities, Wind variable intensities, Flood in the municipalities of Fond Verrettes, Cabaret, Cite Soleil, Tabarre, Leogane, Grand Goave and Croix-des-Bouquets among others; all rivers in flood.

Center: All municipalities; Cloudy - intermittent rain in the majority of municipalities - Boucan-Carré, Hinche and Cerca-Cavajal; Decline of the river in Mirebalais.

Grand'Anse: All municipalities; Cloudy weather - light rain, Stormy Sea, Rivers in spate. Pestel, Important landslide in Duchity.

South: All municipalities; Weather cloudy and windy, Flood in Camp-Perrin, Côteaux, Port-a-Piment, Charbonnières, Saint-Louis du Sud/Solon, Sucrerie Henry and Les Cayes (Downtown and seaside – Gelée), Cavaillon, All the rivers are in flood, Rough Sea.

Nippes: All municipalities; Rain on the municipalities of Paillant and Fond-des-Nègres, Downtown of Baradères flooded, All rivers are in flood, Rough Sea.

Southeast: All municipalities; Cloudy and windy throughout the department, All the rivers are in flood, Rough Sea throughout the department.

Artibonite: Upper Artibonite (All municipalities); Cloudy weather - light rain in Marmelade, Saint-Michel et Terre-Neuve, à Marmelade, Saint-Michel and Terre-Neuve. Lower-Artibonite (All municipalities), Intermittent rain, Floods in Verrettes and Grande Saline.

North: All municipalities; Rains intermittent, Flooding to Bord-de-mer of Limonade, Non flooded rivers. North East : All municipalities, Cloudy weather, fine rain intermittently in Ouanaminthe, Trou du Nord, Ferrier, Terrier Rouge, Caracol, Light rain intermittently in Ouanaminthe, Trou du Nord, Ferrier, Terrier Rouge, Caracol

Northwest: All municipalities; Cloudy weather - light rain in Mole Saint Nicolas and average rainfall intermittently in Port-de-Paix. River in flood: Trois-Rivières.

Impact of the passage of Sandy, summary of partial damage recorded on humanity and habitat

The overall is 9 victims, 3 missing, 4 injured, 10,946 people in shelters divided into 65 shelters. 863 houses flooded, 1,205 destroyed, 224 damaged and 2,862 affected families.

The new death toll for today 8:00 a.m. is 11 deaths (7 in the South, 3 in the West and 1 in the Grand Anse).

At 11 am the DPC indicates that the record now stands at 16 (7 in the South, 8 in the West and 1 in the Grand Anse).

At 1 pm the DPC indicates that the record now stands at 20 (7 in the South, 8 in the West, 4 in the Grand Anse and 1 in the Nippes) and missing.

At 4 pm the DPC indicates that the death toll now stands at 26 and 4 missing. 17,742 people in 131 shelters opened. Vigilance red is maintained.

Sectors: The partners involved in the preparation and response to emergencies with the Clusters are mobilized.


Mobilization of additional financial resources to the repositioned emergency funds to respond to the first emergency related to the passage of Tropical Storm Sandy

- Total amount disbursed : HTG 12,978,675,00.

West HTG 3,835,000.00
South HTG 1,6000,225.00
Nippes HTG 901,150.00
Grand Anse HTG 1,206,150.00
Southeast HTG 3,189,700.00
North HTG 1,136,400.00
Northwest HTG 1,110,050.00


Mobilization of emergency funds.

- Total amount disbursed: HTG 24,713,938.00.

West HTG 1,998,075.00
South HTG 6,234,220.00
Nippes HTG 1,898,075.00
Grand Anse HTG 1,262,800.00
Southeast HTG 2,812,436.00
North HTG 1,998,075.00
Northwest HTG 1,998,075.00
Northeast HTG 1,798,035.00
Artibonite HTG 2,716,072.00
Center HTG 1,998,075.00


- Ensure the representation of MFA to COUN;

- Inform the diplomatic missions of Haiti and consular posts of the evolution of the situation and the measures taken by the Government;

- Transmit to missions the bilans and situation reports prepared by the COUN;

- Ask missions to remain mobilized pending instructions from the Government;

- Advising missions to remain proactive;

- Send diplomatic correspondence to embassies and consulates of Haiti to remind them to follow faithfully the instructions of the Government vis-à-vis bilateral and multilateral partners in Haiti.

A technical team is also mobilized to the Ministry to ensure the relay of information transmitted and the role of the Chancellor in the coordination of governmental action.


- Immaculate Conception Hospital in Les Cayes flooded - non functional hospital - all patients are evacuated.

- Resource mobilization and support for the management of patients with cholera given an increase in cases and attainment of some treatment centers.

- Strengthening of epidemiological surveillance.

- Hospital Baradère and UTC are flooded. 27 patients are in UTC, but there is not a health emergency. A departmental team is en route for an evaluation.


- The MTPTEC remains in contact with all departmental heads for a good coordination - particularly in the South, Grande Anse, Nippes, South East and West.

- Mobilization of heavy equipment (bulldozers, Backhoes, trucks) for intervention: National Route # 2, Camp Perrin Road - Jérémie

- Assessment of damage and needs assessment in the affected areas.

- SEMANAH states that the cabotage traffic is prohibited on all coastal areas, and boats must remain in port until further notice.

- CNE is considering ways to close the flank at the level of the ravine du Sud which floods the lower of the town of Camp-Perin, in the South.

- DDS must intervene to clean the congested road by the rivers of Saint Louis du Sud and Solon.


During the crisis, caused by the passage of Sandy:

- MENFP authorized the placement on availability of 7 educational establishments requested by the SNGRD via the Thematic Committee of Management of Temporary Shelters (CTGAP), and to serve as hosting sites to accommodate people living in camps considered very high risk.

- The representative of the MENFP to the COUN contacted 7 departmental directorates, which confirmed that all their institutions have been made available to the SNGRD. The other 3, Center, West and Grande-Anse, remained inaccessible until now despite repeated calls.

At the departmental level


- Flood alarms triggered in the following towns : Cayes (2), Camp Perrin (2), Cavaillon (1), Chantal(1), Arniquet (1)

- Search and Rescue conducted successfully by the CCPC:
    - Response to people in difficulty in Ilet Aboue and Largon, St Louis du Sud.
    - Intervention to Nan Roche, commune of les Cayes.

- Management of temporary shelters: 2,600 people in 26 shelters available in the department, including 4 in Les Cayes.

- Assessment of damage and needs assessment:
    - Sailing accident in St Jean du Sud. Loss of goods.
    - Road Sucrerie Henry – National 2, Zone Solon : impractical - flood.
    - Plantations destroyed - loss of livestock.
    - Rockfall in St Louis du Sud – Morne St Georges.


- Assessment of damage in progress

- Alarms (flooding) triggered in the following towns: Moron (1), Jérémie (1), No response to the alarm of Chambellan.

- Evacuation - management of temporary shelters: 5 shelters open for 2,047 people.

- Among those in shelters, 95 seniors and three lactating women have been identified for specific support.

- Volunteer mobilization of civil protection for response activities.

- Anse d’Hainaut: a child victim of the collapse of a wall, taken to the hospital, prognosis unknown

- In Jérémie, the lower center is flooded and the walls of two houses collapsed.

- In Bercier, Jeremie, landslide with electrical pylons fallen.

- Evacuation to temporary shelters of the population at risk in Carcasse and to Divino, commune of Irois

- Commune of Dame Marie, Petite Rivière, voluntary movement of people to the church because of the rise of the sea; 11 houses damaged, 2 houses destroyed, lost 3 boats;

- Pestel: Loss of house roofs due to strong wind


- Alarms (flooding) triggered in the following towns : Baradères (2), Anse à Veau (2), Azile (1);

- Evacuation in all the municipalities at risk : - Miragoâne, Petite Rivière, l’Azile, Baradères, Anse à Veau, Petit-Trou, Fonds des Nègres.

- Baradères : - 31 people in shelters at the National School of Baradères.

- Prisoners of the municipality of Miragoâne evacuated by the PNH.

- Evaluation of the first damages in progress.


- Preparation for the evacuation of the population in areas at risk in all municipalities of the   department :
     - 6 shelters open in Jacmel.
     - 5 shelters open in Marigot.

- Strengthening outreach activities and of public awareness

- Loss of cabotage boats Marigot: 25 destroyed and 13 damaged.

- Assessment of damage in progress:
     - System of potable water damaged in Belle-Anse.
     - Falling trees in Cotes de Fer.
     - House damaged in Savane Zombie.


- Evaluation of the first damage in progress.

- Evacuation of the most vulnerable people of 12 camps at risk to 8 shelters (including 6 schools) by IOM-CRH-DPC/CCPC. Coordinating Ministry of Social Affairs. 23 buses are available (Delegation of the West : 12 – IOM : 11) for the displacements. DINEPA has toilets for the 8 evacuation sites;

- Mobilization of resources of WFP for distribution in evacuation sites; Mobilization of heavy equipment by MTPTEC to maintain functional communication routes - axes north and south. Mobilization of contingent of the MINUSTAH in support to MTPTEC;

- Prepositioning of stock in La Gonave by Cluster Shelter Management (Concern and World Vision) ;

- In Anse a Galets, the Plaine Mapou is flooded (crops, houses, etc ...) and 6 houses and a church were damaged, and the gully La Source passing to Anse à Galets and celle de zetwa are in spate. Currently, communication is impossible between Cite Bourgeois and Bois Crédit

- At Pointe a Raquette, 3 boats are overturned. A boat sank with two people on board, for the moment operations are underway on the high seas. Latanier, Ti boukan, Boukan Lottore are completely under water. Difficult access to frequent one area to another.

- In the West, SEEUR intervened to restore the passage around the gully Juvénat at the level of Canapé Vert and thus allow the traffic.


- Permanent contact with local elected officials and civil protection structures.

- Press Point of the situation this morning by the Departmental Delegate.

- Coordination meeting with the MTPTC, MARNDR the MPCE, MAST, EDH and MDE on the situation of the road at Grande rivière du Nord.

- Visit to Grande rivière du Nord by the MTPTC and the MARNDR.

- Interventions through various media of North and of the capital.

- Preventive evacuation of 40 families in Grande rivière du Nord.

- Enhanced mobilization of Brigadiers in high-risk areas and of firefighters.


- Landslide in Vallières: 4 houses damaged and one injured ;

- Road cut between Les Perche and Vallières.


- Evaluation of the first damage - identification of needs.

- Volunteer of civil protection and Red Cross were mobilized throughout the department for awareness activities against cholera and preventing people from crossing rivers in.

- Several community schools were destroyed (in Cadupin) or damaged (in Grand Fond and Mayette)

- 50 people in provisional shelters in Mole Saint Nicolas and in need of assistance


- Damage assessment - identifying needs.

- Continuous information and public awareness. 

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