Sunday, October 28, 2012


During the days of rain people carried on as best they could. Tap-taps were running to transport people to where they wanted to go within the city.

Grocery stores were open. We usually shop at Star 2000, which is located near Delmas 29. It was busy inside on Friday afternoon when the rains died down.

Friday afternoon the government sent out heavy equipment to unclog the canals. This large back hoe was scooping out the garbage blocking the canal in the Clercine/Tabarre area.

Dump trucks lined up behind each other to haul the canal garbage away.

This was the clean up scene near the canal on the Piste road near Airport Rd.

We were thankful that the Timothy Training Seminars held at the Christian Reformed Ministry Centre were not cancelled.

Eryl enjoyed helping out to bring food to those participating in the seminars that Coram Deo sponsored.

Friday afternoon we brought the pastors and church workers to the bus station for those who lived in the mountains of Kenscoff area.

They didn't realize how bad it was because they passed their days at the Ministry Centre. Pastor Pierre's church was destroyed by the storm and some of these people couldn't get to their homes because of the storm damage. They ended up staying the night at Pastor Pierre's home.

It was great to see how medical personnel continued to work through the storm. Jonathan Delbrice is a boy who broke his arm about 6 weeks ago while he was in the countryside with family. He was one of the first group of people who attended Ed Amos's first medical clinic here at our house. We brought him to Adventist Hospital and xrays were taken of his right lower arm. As shown in this xray both of his lower arm bones were broken. Surgery to reset the bones was made for Thursday.

The hospital came and picked up Jonathan and his mother. His surgery that was originally scheduled for Thursday was done on Friday morning. During the surgery the doctors aligned the bones, put a plate in place and anchored the plate to the bone with pins.

He has an appointment to come back in one month.

Jonathan and his mother were happy to get the surgery... during stormy conditions. We are grateful to the medical personnel who carried through with the surgery. The surgery was free. The only cost was for antibiotics, which came to $100H ($12 US). We are thankful too to those working with Cure International at Adventist Hospital in Carrefour. This family would not have been able to find surgery for their son without their efforts.  Pray for healing for Jonathan and that he has full use of his arm.

The neurosurgery team from the University of Miami flew to Haiti on Thursday, knowing that they would be coming to tropical storm conditions. They saw the children that afternoon and admitted the babies who would receive surgery at Bernard Mevs/Project Medishare Hospital.

When we brought food to the hospital we visited the mothers and their babies.

This young girl is 2-years-old.

This bulge at the back of this baby's head will be removed. Brain tissue protrudes through an opening in the skull.

This mother is hopeful that the baby can have a more normal life with a surgery. The baby is young, only 1 month old.

This mother wanted a picture taken with her daughter.

The mother's are all hopeful that with a surgery the lives of their children will improve.

Pray for the children who will be receiving surgery.

Pastor Marcelins'' sister-in-law lives in Jean Rabel. She became sick and the family brought her to Port-au-Prince. She was hospitalized at St. Philomene Hospital in Tabarre. Doctors there told her that she needed to see a urinary specialist at General Hospital. Friday morning the family called and said that she did not have a bed and was laying on the floor in the emergency room. We went and picked up Pastor Marcelin and brought a cot to General Hospital.

The emergency room was being renovated. Painting was being done. The patients did not have much room. Amos's aunt has kidney problems and was having trouble urinating.

This is where she was lying. We put a cot in place so that she wouldn't have to lay on the floor.

General Hospital was heavily damaged during the earthquake. Demolition of damaged buildings is being done. This is a view of the Orthopedic/Trauma building which is next to the emergency building.

This is a view of the front of the Orthopedic building.

The building used to be 3 stories. The United States and France are funding the reconstruction/renovation work being done at General Hospital.

An American specialist in infectious diseases still maintains the TB unit at General Hospital. Her name is Dr. Coffee. The unit is outdoors. Part of the unit is a pre-fab building.

Shelter Box tents are also used as isolation areas for patients.

We visited the pediatrics area. The pediatrics building has been demolished and these temporary structures will house the pediatrics unit until a new pediatrics building is constructed. Pray for all those who work during the storms and for those who are now without shelter here in Haiti. Once again the country is suffering a natural disaster, this time caused by Hurricane Sandy.

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