Saturday, November 8, 2008

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Guerson Delit and his mother are from Jeremie and they are staying here until the hydrocephalus surgeries are over. He's a cute baby with a ready smile!

Cawens and his mother have been staying here at Coram Deo since Friday. They are from the Gonaives area and got a ride to Port-au-Prince in a UN helicopter. Pray the surgeries can be held this week. Both these children are in excellent shape.

Sthorley Bonhomme is a student here at Coram Deo. Last Friday he was sitting in the back of a parked tap-tap near his home while eating something and the owner of the vehicle hit him in the eye. The mother came to us on Monday and explained to us the situation. We brought him to the eye clinic on Delmas 31 at Grace Children's Hospital for treatment. As part of the school program here at Coram Deo we try to help the children with their medical needs as well. Continue to keep the school program in prayer.

We were surprised to find David Marzelus on the ground in front of the emergency department at General Hospital. We brought this "lost sheep" home to his family but his family does not want him. This is a difficult situation to handle as there are really no missions taking in adult handicapped people.

* GRAPHIC PHOTO!!!! - The next photo is of the elderly woman who suffered in the emergency department of General Hospital while the residents are on strike. Mercifully, she died Monday afternoon. Her devoted husband is standing by her side. If you don't want to look at the photo scroll past the photo quickly. I put in this photo because I want people to understand how the poor suffer in getting medical care.

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